contact-me-sajidHi I’m Sajid! And call me jid for short. I would like you to know that I am a real person. I am here to help you to generate leads or build you first income online. We will teach you on how you can generate more subscriber and more traffic to your site.

My reason why I’ve join this internet marketing community because I believe, business would become more easier when using an online.

Just a little bit background of myself. I am a computer engineering graduate from CIT. I’ve been on online marketing since 2002 but I find it hard to generate more results because I wasn’t fully equipped. Then I heard this the unity network and watch the video presentation. It took me by surprised that this type of online business really works.

Here’s what you get if you wanna work with me.

I will teach you how to use facebook ads. So you can target your audience. See image below.


I will teach you how you can post to facebook groups without getting banned and post relevant topics. No need to write an article you can even post and get along with every topic. Plus a free plugin software. See image below.





I will teach you also how you can put your business in google with your own picture so that your online business will show up on search engine. Here’s what Im talking about see image below.


I will also teach you how to use keyword research and be able to know what particular niche in google are looking for so that you can target to your business and rank higher. And I will also help you that your site would be seo friendly and much more. See image below.


If you have any question please feel free to contact me as seen below information.

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